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Poster presentations are divided into two different sessions on each day of the workshop to provide more space for discussion between participants and even to present software or other tools. The poster sessions start with a “poster boaster round“, where presenters have the opportunity to present their work with one slide and a brief introduction of no more than 3 minutes to the whole audience.


Sylvie Voisin, Elodie Gauthier, Laurent Besacier Machine assistance for large scale phonetics

Arienne Dwyer Building a diachronic corpus from Central Asian Turkic manuscripts

Max Ionov, Jesse Wichers Schreur Representing glossed code-switching data

Max Ionov Aggregating data sources for typological research with RDF

Kristian Kankainen Automatically creating the Votic GF morphology module

Pierre Magistry, Anne-Laure Ligozat, Sophie Rosset Deep Learning on small data: POS tagging for low-resource languages

Oliver Adams, Trevor Cohn, Graham Neubig, Alexis Michaud Phonemic transcription of low-resource tonal languages, and an example of its integration into the language documentation workflow


Hamid Annouz The construction of Kabylian language database with NooJ

Jeremy Bradley, Tobias Weber Demystifying computers – an approach to teaching scholars and speakers of Uralic languages

Marcel Courthiade Language diversity in I.T. practice: The «EuroUniv» executive driver

Maximiliano Duran Quechua verb electronic dictionary

Valts Ernštreits, Miina Norvik, Karl Pajusalu Livonian databases

Timm Lehmberg, Daniel Jettka A graph-based approach to categorization of language documentation data

Masako Watabe The NooJ module for the Rromani language – a polylectal IT tool for a people with no compact territory

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