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Syntactic Change and Typology (part 2) - Gene language coevolution

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Conférence de Ted Briscoe, professeur invité par le labex TransferS et le Lattice pour un cycle de conférences sur le thème de la modélisation de l’évolution des langues.

"Syntactic Change and Typology" (Deuxième partie) - "Gene language coevolution"

The lectures will describe a computational simulation model which characterises languages as complex adaptive systems selected for learnability, interpretability and/or expressivity within a population of language using agents.
This characterisation is a direct consequence of shifting the study of language from synchronic idiolects to evolving populations of classical generative agents learning, producing and interpreting language in a shared arena. As each new generation of learners acquires a grammar from the utterances in the arena of use to which they are exposed, they, in effect, select from this arena the more learnable variant.

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