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Linguistic and Psycholinguistic Approaches to Text Structuring - Call for papers

par Thierry POIBEAU - publié le

The aim of the conference is to provide an interdisciplinary forum to present and discuss recent work on markers of discourse structure : adverbials, connectives, discourse particles, etc. How can we categorize these markers ? What kind of relations do they express ? Can they combine several functions at the sentence level and/ or at the discourse level and, if so, which ones ? What impact do discourse structure markers have on comprehension ? When and how are they acquired ? From what age are children able to master their use in oral and written discourse ?

The goal of the conference is more specifically to advance research into the relationship between the position of the markers concerned and their ability to play a role in discourse organization. Do these markers have a privileged position ? We know that sentence initial position is a strategic position in terms of information structuring/packaging and memory. But can these factors override the word order constraints of each language ? Are there also observable variations between discourse genres and between written and oral modes ?

We invite papers using cognitive and functional approaches, based on corpora in different languages at different stages of their evolution, as well as papers that report on psycholinguistic approaches based on behavioural data.