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The lab in a few words

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LaTTiCe is a research unit (UMR 8094) funded by CNRS and Ministère de l’Education et de la Recherche. The lab is located on two different sites: Ecole Normale supérieure and Université Paris 3 Sorbonne Nouvelle.

The lab is involved in the cluster of labs called "Institut de Linguistique Française" (ILF) and is a member of INSHS (Institut National des Sciences Humaines et Sociales) and INS2I (Institut des sciences informatiques et de leurs interactions) within CNRS.

Main objectives

From Predicates to Discourse : grammar at the core of the construction of meaning

Most of the research done in the lab explores the way to express notions such as comparison, time and trajectories across languages. We also explore to what extent these notions structure discourse by anchoring utterances in context and signaling situations denoted by these utterances.