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Prepositional Phrase Database (La Base des Syntagmes Prépositionnels, BSP)

par Thierry POIBEAU - publié le

This database includes more than 17,800 prepositional phrases extracted from a press corpus (Le Monde in December 2000, 2,406,252 words).

The rationale of the project is to explore the correlations between the meaning and the position of the considered prepositional phrases. More precisely, our goal was to observe synchronically the proportion of different prepositional phrases at the beginning of a sentence compared to their frequency embedded inside the sentence or at the end of the sentence.

Prepositional phrases beginning with nine different preposiitons are considered (à, dans, sur, en, par, à travers, depuis, vers, jusque).

Links to the database :

  • A toy example :

A sample of the database will soon be available here [ongoing].

  • the full database : available using a password only (due to copyright restrictions on the data).