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Conference cycle, How Language Represents Motion

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How Language Represents Motion

Invitation du Pr. Leonard Talmy - Série de conférences

Du lundi 15 au vendredi 19 mai 2017

École normale supérieure, Paris

Organization : Laure Sarda and Benjamin Fagard (CNRS-ENS, LaTTiCe, Paris, France)


We are happy to announce this special week around the invitation of prof. Leonard Talmy, who will give a series of four conferences from Monday, May 15th to Friday, May 19th 2017.

Leonard Talmy is Professor Emeritus of Linguistics at the University at Buffalo, State University of New York, where he taught for 15 years and was Director of the Center for Cognitive Science for 14 years. He is now Visiting Scholar at the University of California, Berkeley, where he had received his Ph.D. in Linguistics (Semantic Structures in English and Atsugewi). His studies on spatial semantics have become a reference for generations of students and researchers in this domain. Most of his research on the subject has been put together in the two famous volumes of Toward a Cognitive Semantics (2000).
Leonard Talmy will give four conferences on the theme of motion description, i.e. How Language Represents Space, for students and researchers interested in the expression of space and motion, and language typology. In a global perspective, these conferences are also open to all those interested in the relations between language and cognition, in particular by structural similarities and differences one can observe between language and other cognitive systems such as visual perception and the motor system.
The third conference, on Thursday, will be devoted to the presentation of Len Talmy’s new book, The Targeting System of Language (to appear, MIT Press).

You will find below the links to descriptions of all four conferences :

The theoretical framework proposed by Leonard Talmy is extremely rich in its organization, and research in its wake has often focused only on a few features among a whole series of parameters at work in the typological description of motion. The goal of the NAMED workshop (Neglected Aspects of Motion-Event Description), which we organize on May 19th and 20th, is to open up the field of research on motion, and to explore, in language diversity, a wider range of these parameters put forward by Len Talmy.

All four conferences are free of charge. However, for security reasons, registration is mandatory : if you wish to attend one or more conference(s), please fill in and send us the registration form available here.

May 15th,16th, 18th, 2017 :
Salle Cavaillès
Salle des Actes
ENS, 45 rue d’Ulm, 75005

May 19th, 2017 :
Salle Conf IV - E244
ENS, 24 rue Lhomond, 75005